Wellness… it’s yours.

Full Circle Wellness was inspired by a simple statement that was overheard during a wellness seminar.  Two providers, one an acupuncturist and the other a massage therapist, were discussing the presentations they were both preparing to give to the audience.  I asked one of the practitioners how she felt about presenting her expertise among so many different modalities of healing.  She said something I will never forget; “When it comes to my client’s well-being… I don’t need credit for their wellness.” 

I have never forgotten her generous expression.  Not only did it show in the way she cared about her patients and the greater community, but in the way she willingly shared her expertise with the audience that day.  Hello, my name is David Harrison.  I am the co-founder and CEO of JuiceFresh along with my wife Melissa.  We’ve worked side-by-side for the past decade serving the wellness community in Southern Delaware.

As we have considered many of the business issues that relate to wellness and so-called “health care”,  we wondered how much wellness business there was to go around in our growing community.  Is wellness, like most economic systems, based in scarcity or is it powered by abundance.  That’s the question we set out to explore.

Two years ago, we conducted a survey in our small neighborhood we call “Rehoboth West” and we identified 17 wellness oriented businesses such as the YMCA, Pivot Therapy, Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club, All Wheels Bike Shop, etc… all in our little neighborhood.

With a background in economics and finance I asked myself the question, does more wellness businesses lead to more wellness businesses or does it lead to more competition.  Over the past ten years I have come to the conclusion that, primarily due to it’s reliance on a positive feedback loop, WELLNESS LEADS TO MORE WELLNESS… and wellness is GREAT for business!

Health IS Wealth!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that healthy people are good for the community.  Sure, they will cut down on hospital stays and expensive surgeries, but they are active contributors to the quality of life and that definitely applies here in “Lower Slower Delaware.”  Healthy people get out more, spend more time and money engaged in outdoor activities and are able to be involved and engaged in helping others.

Full Circle Wellness was founded as a community platform designed to bring together wellness oriented businesses in an area where people already want to visit.  Instead of just coming to the beach to enjoy french fries, pizza and alcohol, why not replace some of those family “traditions” with new, healthier choices and create new traditions of healing and strength that can be passed down for generations.

Full Circle Wellness

Working together with many of the wellness providers in our special community, the plan is to form what is legally referred to as a “Business League”.  A business league, (according to the Internal Revenue Service) is not organized for profit and no part of the net earnings inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.  However, a business league may engage in some political activity and lobbying that is germane to accomplishing its exempt purpose.

 Wellness Retreats

We are launching our inaugural Full Circle Wellness Retreat on May 21-22, 2019.  This year’s retreat is being sponsored by JuiceFresh.  To sign-up for the retreat or for more information, click here.  For info on this year’s presenters, click here.  Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Wellness Districts

If you have ever visited Austin, Texas or many other similar towns you are familiar with the concept of a designated Arts & Entertainment District.  We believe that there is a unique opportunity in our town to create the first Wellness District designation and for that designation to be recognized by the State of Delaware as a special tax district.  I was responsible for organizing the leadership for a rare special tax district in the State of North Carolina now known as Historic Biltmore Village.  Wellness Districts is an idea whose time has come.

Wellness Directory

Watch for our new Wellness Directory to be published this spring in conjunction with the leading regional lifestyle magazine.  This is a great opportunity for advocates, providers and wellness-focused businesses to reach out to a wider audience through a directory listing and full-color display advertising in this leading publication – don’t miss it!

Private Membership Health Association

Finally, it is our intention to educate and inform our community on how to take full advantage of each of our rights of free association including Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution to form contractual private membership self-help association(s) involved with natural alternative treatments.

If you’re as excited as we are about a stronger, healthier and more vibrant Delmarva, then we want to hear from you.


David Harrison, Co-founding Member

Board of Advisors ~ Full Circle Wellness

email:  FullCircleRehoboth@gmail.com